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PcMagi.com Computer Repair Service was a life saver!

T. Parcel

PcMagi.com has really helped me out. My computer was ready to be thrown in the trash and Kern Bits was able to repair it a very fair price. The monitoring they provide is excellent, I no longer have to worry about updates or virus scans since PcMagi.com takes care of all of that. PcMagi.com is highly recommended for peace of mind. Thanks, PcMagi.com…. Your loyal and satisfied customer.

Octavio MaganaAssociate Social Worker

The service is great! I was always worried about the safety of my computer especially with all the new threats you read & hear about with virus & file storage. PcMagi set me up with virus protection that is always up to date & without me having to worry about the newest threat. On top of that my pc has been running a lot faster & smoother!

rev. osborne

I was doing some stuff of computer this morning had few bumps, but PC Magi was on it. The service is so awesome. Thanks PcMagi!

Melissa Beard

PcMagi… Really appreciate your help, you respond quickly! Sent from my iPhone


PcMagi I am pleased to be able to use it again. That Samsung just was not cutting it. I followed your instruction on the issues addressed. It seems to be what I needed to do. It worked. Happy to be back up and running. Again, thank you for your assistance and patience with me.


Hi PC Magi, I just wanted to bring you up to date on my Cousin’s Dell 8250 after you helped me so much. He brought it out to my place yesterday. I did like you said in the “Device Manager”, I uninstalled the Drivers, then let Windows detect it again. I told my Cousin about your PC Magi Service, and how much you helped me with the diagnosis and repair of his Dell. He wanted your address and phone number, so I gave it to him. Anyway, thank you again for your time and help PC Magi, I’m very grateful.

Respectfully, Rick

I was having a good evening that day until my computer decided to give me error messages… turns out… my anti-virus and protection systems I have in place just were not working!! PcMagi … that’s all it took! They were able to fix my computer and find the problem… Not to mention, it was quick, easy and no traveling involved! PcMagi .… they’re awesome!

HortenciaChildren’s Case Worker

I was having a problem connecting my laptop to my roommate’s wireless router. Internet access is a critical part of my business. I needed help! A friend referred me to PcMagi. I was impressed with the response time, knowledge base, and patience shown during my ordeal.

StephanieCommodity Investor

Was able to load on laptop so OK! Great transaction! A++++. Windows Computer Repair 4GB USB Flash Drive.